2021 Scholarship Recipients

2021 Scholarship Recipients:  On Wednesday, June 2 at 7:00 pm, Central broadcast its second Virtual Senior Honors Night on YouTube. Over $500,000 in scholarships were announced that night! You can watch the whole ceremony here: https://youtu.be/baNpUJdZLq8
CONGRATULATIONS to our 2021 Scholars
Class of 1970 Greg Janisch Scholarship
    Cindy Candela Gonzaga
Class of 1999 Heart and Soul Scholarship
    Natasha Ogbeifun
Fischer Anderson Scholarship
    Helen Simon
Foundation Scholars
    Ava Barnett
    Declan Conklin
    Micaela Kivel
    Aidan Klepp
    Mary Kudwa
    EhMue Mue
    Meliza Saldivar
    Kasia Vang
    Loretta Wacek
    Sydney Weislow
    Annie Westawker
    V Wiedl
Heiruspecs Scholarships
    Charles Ninow
    Rooselan Vang
    William Wallace
Mary Mackbee Scholarship
            Selam Gerezigher
Nancy Berkley in Honor of Eva Malmen
    Madison O’Donnell
Nora Longley 1999 Memorial Scholarship
            India Pelster-Wiebe
Philando Castile Scholarship
    Assem Elsayad
Terrill Family Fund “Catching Dreams” Scholarship
    Yajaira Fleming
Raymond A. Reister Scholarship
    Amelia Ley
Thomas E. Rohricht Memorial Scholarship
    Cora-Rose Michel

Central Honors Philando 2021
This year’s Central Honors Philando event will be presented virtually in partnership with SPNN on Sunday, August 22, 2021.