Your voices, Our vision.

One component of our vision as a Foundation is to strengthen connections among Central students, alumni, parents, and friends. Having that vision means being able to recognize where improvements are needed. 

The Foundation Board stands fully behind current students and recent alumni who are Black, Indigineous, and people of color (“BIPOC”) speaking out about their experiences at Central. We want, and need, to hear your voices. 

When Ms. Christine Vang starts in her new role as Central’s principal, the Board plans to reach out to her to voice our support for these students and alumni who have shared their stories. We also plan to offer whatever input and resources we can provide to work toward the goal of all students – and in particular, BIPOC students – feeling valued, supported, and encouraged at Central.  

Central Honors Philando 2020

This year, Central Honors Philando will be virtual! Save the date – it’ll be August 23, 2020. You can RSVP and find details on Facebook.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2020 Scholars 

Class of 1970 Greg Janisch Scholarship

Apple Per

Class of 1999 Heart and Soul Scholarship

Andrea Cruz 

Fischer Anderson Scholarship

Garrett McDermott

Foundation Scholars

Isadora Swann

Yewpheng Thao 

Samantha Vang

Avery Welna

Mara Westgaard 

Haichen Xiong 

Isadora Swann

Yewpheng Thao 

Samantha Vang

Avery Welna

Mara Westgaard 

Haichen Xiong 

Heiruspecs Scholarships

William Blackwell Kinney

Brigid Golden

Ellie Lin

Mary Mackbee Scholarship

Grace Teeters

Nancy Berkley in Honor of Eva Malmen

Zhanna Dunagan

Nora Longley 1999 Memorial Scholarship

Dinah Lampros

Philando Castile Scholarship

Ibsa Lolo

Terrill Family Fund “Catching Dreams” Scholarship

Brandon Blevins

Thomas E. Rohricht Memorial Scholarship

Mikaela Bunker

Community Resources

St. Paul Community Response Volunteer Needs: Community-based leaders and organizations across St. Paul are coming together to identify the immediate needs of local residents and BIPOC-owned (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) businesses. We invite you to support these efforts with your skills and resources. Sanitize the Cities (led by Chauntyll Allen), ANEW BAM, Indigenous Roots Cultural Center and others! Support community work by making a donation to organizations and individual leaders listed here or Volunteer

Stay healthy. Be safe.