Central Family & Friends –

2016 was a difficult year for the Central community. If you follow the local news, you heard about a student assaulting a teacher in the cafeteria or you read about how Central lost a student to their battle with depression, another with a long term medical condition, and a third to cardiac arrest.

Each of these tragedies would have been devastating on their own. That they have all came within a matter of weeks truly tested the entire Central family. Students, family, faculty, and neighbors alike worked through their emotions to process these terrible losses.

Unfortunately, there are people who have made certain assumptions about inner city schools – Central in particular. They have characterized these  events as commonplace, everyday proof that 275 North Lexington Parkway is an unsafe place for all who walk its hallways.

You can help. Speak up for Central!
• Share positive stories in response to negativity
• Reach out to staff and remind them how they made an impact on you or your child
• Let the students in your life know you support them
• Use the hashtag ‪#‎CentralSTRONG‬ to show others your support online

Central graduates have gone on to become scientists and musicians, artists and Olympians, business leaders and comedians, educators and politicians. Central has produced more Rhodes Scholars than any other high school in the country, has an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse student population which reflects the city it serves, and will continue to excel as we come together as a community and support each other during these difficult times.

Please feel free to forward this message to others in our community, and thank you for your support of Central High School.

The SPCHSF Board

Wendy Lutter (’85), President
Jean Peterson (p’96, p’00, p’12), Vice President
Alex Cook (’99), Treasurer
Trevor Throntveit (’01), Secretary

Jean O’Connell (’70)
Melinda Donaway (’01)
Oulia Yang
Merone Melekin (’10)
Sabah Husain (’10)
Andy Goldman-Gray (’90)

Jackie Cooper (’69)

Lisa Heyman (p’10,p’14,p’18)
Mary Mackbee, Central Principal (Ex Officio)

Honorary Members
Betsy Guthmann (’46)
Howard Guthmann (’40)
Rod Lawson (’36)
Dick Magraw (’36)
Kathy Wellington (”99, p’01)